Pros and cons about living at University.


Your friends are right there!

four people watching on white MacBook on top of glass-top table

No need to panic about friends on your first day jitters, as mostly everyone is in the same boat as you. Straight away you have your house mates before even meeting your course mates. You can also then branch out and meet new people through clubs and societies.


Your biggest concern about moving away may be ‘who is going to clean up my mess for me’? As much as we seek independance, some things never change.. Luckily a cleaner should come into your kitchen and clean communal areas. Those with ensuites will be expected to clean their own bathrooms however, so stock up on your polish and febreeze!

No bills

You don’t have to worry about your water being shut off, or your electricity when you’re half way through binge watching Brookline Nine Nine anymore. Everything in halls is included bill wise, so no need to worry if you’re in halls!

Appreciate home life more

dog lying on couch

Not being able to go home as often can make you appreciate your home and surroundings more. The less that you see your loved ones and the comforts you have at home, mean that it’ll be ever so sweet when you return back to memory lane.



Some people may not even get a maintenance loan that covers their accomodation. Some will be in accomodation that they cannot afford, whilst frantically running around chasing up employment opportunities just to get by. Whilst others will be living off left overs and 20p pasta. Make sure you know your financial situation and choose your halls wisely.


two woman doing toast

Some find it hard to study at university due to the amount of distractions that are available to them. Having people on your door step has its benefits but also can be detrimental to your progression, should you let it affect your commitment. Some might experience FOMO (fear of missing out) and feel that they have to be involved with everything. Be careful and try to balance this well so that you are putting yourself well and succeeding.


Walls are thinner than a gas stations toilet paper. You’ll be subject to noise at all hours, as the nocturnals and the drunks are awake come 4 am. Fire alarms will soon become your worst nightmare as well. The noise is horrendous and someone is bound to set it off from making toast in the early hours.

Time and money to go home

photo of group on people sitting inside train

For those choosing to study in a long distance city, away from their home town then it can be very costly and time consuming to travel home. Whilst locals may be able to go home almost every weekend, you’re stuck in the flat by yourself. Your train ticket is £65 even with a railcard and you can’t bare to spend that amount of money, after burning it on a two day bender.. Not only money wise but also the time spent travelling when you could be studying or partying!


3 thoughts on “Pros and cons about living at University.

  1. It’s funny. All these cons and the one I hear about a lot on social media are the fire alarms. Do they really need to have fire drills so often? At some point, people are going to ignore them when there really is a fire. The food won’t be great at the start either as you try to get used to cooking for yourself. You’ll probably end up relying on takeaways for a while.


    1. Fire alarms get tested every week here which isn’t too bad. I used to be out everytime they were being tested which was convenient. But I agree when it comes to the actual drills, someone might stay in and that could be when an actual fire starts.


  2. I can certainly attest to this one. When I went to University I steadfastly chose to stay at home just because I really wanted that support network around me (My family) when I was going through the tougher times around exam periods and that. Part of me wanted to go out and there and ‘make it on my own’ but I also thought I can do that in a safer environment at home whilst saving some money. My student loan gave me about 7k a year and that allowed me to increase my independance whilst also travelling and broadening my outlook on life. I must’ve honestly gone on about 15 holidays during my 3 years in Uni (Thanks Ryanair!) and I wouldn’t change it for the world. My out look on life is much better than I think it would’ve been had I been stuck in halls. I feel more socialable, I can speak another language (not fluently, but it’s something!) and I’ve seen a lot more than many people.


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