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Self esteem and autism

Self esteem can either be healthy or unhealthy and refers to an individuals confidence in his or hers ability or self-worth. Those with a healthy self-esteem can find it easier to believe in their worth and abilities, to assist themselves in achieving a task for example. Whereas those with a low self esteem can belittle themselves struggle to find their place or value in society. This is closely linked with autism, of where an individual may already face difficulties of low self esteem, if struggling to fit in.

Impact of self-esteem

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Concerns of low self esteem and poor mental health can lead to depression. It can also lead to some questionable friendship choices if an individual does not see their self-worth. They may not be portraying the best version of themselves and instead only receive what they put out there. For someone with autism, developing and sustaining friendships is already a great enough struggle as it is. But facing this issue too is like ‘double trouble’ where you are battling two issues.

Why have healthy self-esteem?

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It is therefore important to look after your mental health and stay clear of negative energy. You may be vulnerable and unable to pinpoint who these people are, but it is pitival to your happiness to do so. Being around supportive people is great for your confidence and self-esteem. It means people are encouraging you to chase your dreams and your development. Whereas negative people might only see the worst in you which can hinder your abiity to unearth your talents and success.

Celebrate your own achievements!

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Someone with autism may already be constantly reminded about things they struggle to do, or cannot do. The last thing we need is someone that is inpatient and unsympathetic. Knowing that someone is tolerant and understanding is more reassuring than you can ever imagine. Celebrate your progress as though it is unique to the individual. What might be nothing for someone else, could be an outstanding achievement for you. Therefore I see this as a key aspect of assessing a persons motive and energy, as your supportive friend will compliment such an achievement.

Surround yourself with positive energy

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You need people that will love and support you. It is simply not good enough to keep unwanted company just for the sake of it. Strive for better and take risks. If that means cutting someone off, then it may have to be a risk that you have to take. We aren’t always destined to be a consistent or prominent aspect of every persons lifetime. Sometimes people drift and you should not feel bad for drifting away from negative energy. You should put yourself first and be around supportive people, as they will encourage and compliment your push for better health.

10 thoughts on “Self esteem and autism”

  1. As someone with autism myself I can totally relate to this article. There are many times in life, be it whilst at work, with my friends or even my partner where I just feel not good enough. In school I was told to my face from my teacher that I was never going to amount to anything basically. That really destoryed and knocked my confidence for several years. Luckily I had people around me that gave a monkeys about me and built me back up – built me into someone who believes. Now I’ve graduated from Uni in Economics and have a fabulous job back at the very college that built me into the person I am today. Full circle! Being self-affirming and surrounding myself with those that believed definately helped me do what I do now!


  2. I think this blog post goes without saying, everyone should learn to be positive and have a greater outlook in life. It’s easy said than done but surrounding yourself with people who love you, things you adore and acknowledging your achievements certainly helps in the process. Thank you so much for your advise!


    1. No problem. I hope that you find this advice very useful. I find that it is very important to promote self-esteem and for one to carefully develop it. It can affect the things that we do and way that we do (or sometimes) don’t do so I don’t see why it shouldn’t be held with upmost importance!


  3. You are you are and don’t you think that is special? A unique person with his own unique journey. Be proud of who you are an surround yourself with positive people! Could you imagine if everyone was the same? What a robotic world that would be. You’re special, so make sure you try and reach your own potential and flourish!


    1. Thank you, that is really sweet. It is important to be yourself and to cherish that, just sometimes the odd day comes where it is exhausting or wanting a change. I think accepting that these days will come and is natural is perhaps a good coping strategy, otherwise, it is putting too much pressure on myself.

      I agree the world would be a very boring place if we are all the same!


  4. This a very powerful post. I do not have autism and I cannot relate but everyone, regardless of your race, religion, disability or sexuality is human and has an equal right to be happy. We only live once, everyone is different, don’t let your difference hold you back from enjoying life!


  5. I especially like the last part about getting rid of negative company. There are too many people out there that are keeping people around that aren’t good for their own health and you shouldn’t feel bad about dropping someone who has a negative effect on your health.


  6. I have Autism, and I find that my self-esteem is affected every day. It’s trying to live with the condition at work and outside of work and enjoy life to the max. I still need to work on my social communication and maintaining friendships.


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