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There can be so many definitions for a ‘soulmate’ but I feel the one below describes it best…

I am lucky enough to have met my soulmate in 2020, when the world was falling part, we were falling together. Over the next 2 years this connection developed greatly and formed such a strong and unbreakable love and desire for one another.

Having a long-distance soulmate is one of life’s most difficult changes, but by sticking it out you will reap the greatest rewards. The time spent together is unmatched as is the feeling your s.o. can give you from simply just being around them. That soft sweet smile, or the magic in the silence between two people on the same wavelength, quietly comfortable in each other’s company. The two of you not only tolerate each other’s little quirks, but actually quite likes them. The understanding you have for one another is on a deeper level than you ever expected, or ever could reach with anyone else in your life.

I have found out firsthand that when you find someone special like this, it can be difficult to settle for anything less. You may have friends from various walks of your life who you do care about, but you know for certain you would do anything to be in the company of your soulmate. You do not have to explain your quirks, your habits, or your situation because they not only know them, but they understand and can appreciate them.

When I am around you, I simply feel at ease. The limited time we get together because of distance continues to provide some of the best adventures of our lives. This has brought us across countries and cities, proving that love knows no border. This journey we are on together will lead to something magical, something we are both dreaming of and longing for. Our next adventure will be a great test, something that proves our strength and resilience in the toughest of situations. What that time will show is a little glimpse into the beautiful future of two destined soulmates.

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