Who am I?

I am absolutely awful at introducing myself but here goes…

I’m a 21 year old male from England, who is guilty of being a little opinionated from time to time. I am here to share my thoughts on just about anything, whether it is something I’m passionate about or whether or not it grinds my gears! Some of the things I will talk about will involve my hobbies which include music and sport. I’m at University studying to become a Physical Education teacher at the moment. Therefore expect some University related articles to help you to survive your studies!

This is my first shot at setting up a blog but its an idea I’ve been contemplating for a while. Despite the shocking sporty pun, this blog will not be exclusively sport content, instead catering for anything I fancy discussing. Although my username does originate from former footballer Martin Laursen who played for my favourite football team Aston Villa. I’m an avid football fan all the way up from Sunday League and Non-League, so expect to hear stories of away days and big clashes!

Throughout this blog I will be open and honest as I can be, as I document my personal experiences and struggles. One huge aspect of my personality and life is living with autism, which brings an interesting journey that I hope you will take with me.

Please do tell your family and friends about my new adventure. It is something I’m excited about and would love to share to a wider audience.

Thank you for reading.

P.S. My Twitter is @sleeeponit if you ever want to get in contact for whatever reason, such as topic ideas or tips you’d like me to discuss.


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