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6 Underappreciated tracks from Green Day.

Green Day have always been my favourite band. They were the one to truly introduce me to rock music. The first band or artist really, where I would thoroughly listen to the album and the b sides if you wish. Many people may only know the ‘classics’ such as ‘Basket Case’ and ‘American Idiot’. Across their 12 studio albums in their 33 year old lustrous career, spans a variety of underappreciated and lesser known anthems. It’s only fair that I consider a few of my favourites…

Poprocks and coke

Poprocks and coke is a previously unreleased offering on 2001’s ‘International Superhits’ . The song is about a boy that continues to pursue and confess his love for a girl bhe girl does not feel the same way. “I don’t care if you don’t mind I’ll be there not far behind” shows the extent of how far this boy goes, despite the fact that she simply does not care. The song title originates as a metaphor for explosion that is believed to occur between consuming pop rocks (popping candy) and soda at the same time.

Tired of Waiting For You

This cover version of a classic by The Kinks came almost 30 years later, as a b side on ‘Basket Case’. 8 years later it received an official release on 2002’s Shenanigans. I enjoy The Kinks myself, so when I stumbled onto Green Days cover, I was delighted. The 2 and a half minute track is well worth your time, regardless of your allegiances.


This effort from Insomniac is one of my personal favourites. Green Day started out at 924 Gilman street but after signing for Reprise (a major record label), they were banned from playing the venue. The term ’86’ed’ means to get rid of something through ejecting it. The band did later come back for a show on the 924 gilman street scene, in 2015. They (as well as other bands on major labels, such as The Offspring and AFI) require special approval to be allowed entry. The song did not feature on the boundless 23 track setlist and hasn’t featured in a live set since 2017.


One of the lengthier tracks on Green Day’s critically acclaimed 2000 studio album ‘Warning’. Man fans do not seem to connect with this LP, which opts for a more acoustic, folk and pop sound. The album is rarely considered in their liveset but for other fans tracks like ‘Castaway’ show a diverse side to the punk rock band. The song is ‘upbeat and catchy’ which is what a lot of us need. My personal favourite from one of my favourite albums. Also check out; Church On Sunday, Hold On and Blood, Sex and Booze.

Favorite son

This song containing rage and hatred, is a b side on 2004’s major seller ‘American Idiot’. This for me, is a track strong enough to be on the main track listing. It fits the political concept and context very well, and is a strong effort from the Billie Joe, Mike and Tre. Check it out immediately.

The Forgotten

For me, the Uno, Dos, Tre era was very underrated. Releasing 3 albums at once was a bold move, that did not seem to pay off for a lot of fans. They felt that one album would have been sufficien, comprising of the highlights from the trilogy. Despite the questionable choices, a range of hits that target different genres were born. The Forgotten may be ‘forgotten’ to some fans, but this is just one of the many finer points (for me personally) from the triology. Bilie Joe dials down his anger and punk rock nature on this 5 minute album closer (Tre), to deliver a more romantic tone. A must listen from 2012’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

10 thoughts on “6 Underappreciated tracks from Green Day.”

  1. I’ve listened to my fair share of Greenday but I guess I’m not as big of a fan of them as I thought. I haven’t even heard of any of the songs mentioned in this article. Thanks for leaving the Youtube videos in here though. I gave each of them a listen and I really like Favorite Song. I’ll be adding it to my Spotify tonight. 😀


    1. That is one I’m not as familar with to be fair. I think you really have to dig around for some of them, as not all of them are on albums. With music being so digitised these days, I feel that we don’t really get access to singles. So we aren’t getting these exceptional b side tracks.


  2. Good ole Green Day. I used to listen to Green Day back in the 90’s. Teenage angst and pumping hormones in the blood. But as their music softened in my opinion, I fell out of love for most of their music. Once I understood their music better, it felt as though they were all the same song just with different lyrics. I do still have and listen to Green Day, but have to be in a special kind of mood to do so.


  3. I’m echoing the comments of Jerlene on this one really. I thought I knew my boys over at Green Day but I haven’t actually listened to any of these songs let alone heard of them. I had a listen to Forgotten after looking at this and wow, what a song it is. Just what I love from a song and shows off Billie-Joes vocals perfectly. They suit it very well! I’m adding some of these to my Apple Music playlist as we speak!


  4. Green Day isn’t my favorite band in the world, but I’ve listened to my fair share of their music. I’ve accumulated a number of their albums that I’ve purchased at random points in my life, including Dookie, American Idiot, etc.

    As far as these particular songs, I’m sure I’ve listened to the bulk of these since they’re on albums that I own, but they’re not songs that have ever really stood out to me. Perhaps I’m a little too mainstream as far as music goes. I’m definitely going to have to pull my old Green Day CDs out and give them a listen again.


  5. Ah, I loved Green Day growing up. My favourite album has to be American Idiot and glad you’ve listed Favorite Son as that one was truly a hidden gem, I didn’t get why they didn’t release that as a single but yes. Some amazing listings there.


    1. American Idiot is an incredible album and I totally get what you are saying, it is a hidden gem! In a way though I can see why it may not have been included as it is just so hard to pick between these tracks!


  6. I’m lucky enough to have known Greenday before the ‘American Idiot’ “relaunch”. Back when Dookie was first released. I used to listen to all that type of music as a youth. Greenday, NoFX, Punk is a superb genre to get into.


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