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Underappreciated tracks from Green Day (part 2).

Last year I shared with you six extremely underrated tracks from my all time favourite band Green Day. ICYMI, there is an opportunity to read it here With over 30 years worth of songs with many unreleased or even known to casual fans, there has come a time where I want to share some more of these tracks with you. I hope that you can take the time to freshen your mind by listening to them for the first time, or rekindle your love for them if you have heard them before.

When it’s time

First of all, I cannot believe this track released officially in 2010 did not feature on this original post, but, I can be excused with Green Day’s extensive back-catalogue of songs. This soft, acoustic number is a beautiful track that was originally written around 1992 during The Kerplunk era as “they didn’t have enough sappy songs”. You can find the original, raw version of it here The song was recorded in 2004 but did not make the cut for American Idiot. But this refined version can be found on the American Idiot: The Original Broadway Cast Recording. The song was a staple in the set, during most setlists of their 2010 tour. I haven’t quite heard another Green Day song like it, and I just cannot stop listening to it. If there was one main underrated song I would love to share with all Green Day fans, then it is ‘When it’s time’.

Too much too soon

Too much too soon features as a bonus track on the deluxe version of Green Day’s 2004 album ‘American Idiot’ and is believed to have been written for ‘Cigarettes and Valentines’- the stolen album that would have been the follow up to 2000’s ‘Warning. American Idiot is an album packed full of excellent songs that Green Day continue to play live to this day. Too much too soon has not been played live from my knowledge. The song itself will not set the world alight so it is understandable that it was not picked for the main album, but it does offer a simple yet catchy song in the sound style of American Idiot.

Stay the night (acoustic)

Originally from Green Day’s ninth album ¡Uno!, an acoustic version of ‘Stay the night’ was released on the 2014 compilation album Demolicious, for Record Store Day that year. Honestly, it took me a while to like this version it and may take you a few listens too. But this tuned down version of such an upbeat track is so beautiful. It is raw and honest, and it makes me listen to the song with a whole new perspective. A must listen.

Restless Heart Syndrome

Restless Heart Syndrome, the 13th track on Green Day’s eighth album ’21st Century Breakdown’. I feel that this whole album was incredibly underrated, as people seem keen to compare it to the timeless classic of American Idiot. They are both considered as rock-operas and 21CB is the successor to American Idiot, but the tracks must be appreciated for what they are. Restless Heart Syndrome is a song that has not been played live in eight years, so I am not sure how many new Green Day fans will know it. But it is my favourite track from 21CB and I highly recommend it.

I hope you enjoyed part two. Now you have ten amazing Green Day songs to listen to. Please share how many you already knew and liked, or even disliked? I am interested to hear your thoughts as always.

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