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Daylio – an application to benefit mental health through mood tracking.

My friend showed me an app called Daylio which is basically used as a mood tracker. You rate your overall feeling of the day through one of five emoji on a ‘rad to awful’ scale. You can click different activities that you’ve done that day, which takes seconds. If you have more time you can even fill in a little diary.

The diary may take a little more time but to me it is the most beneficial aspect. I can pinpoint exactly what went well on a day (or even a week) if I’m struggling to see the positives. I can then also link it to the activities that I’ve done such as ‘sport or ‘cleaning’. These activities act as indicators for how the day went, as the app makes a connection between the two.

From there you could potentially take up a certain activity more if you notice that it is contributing to better days. For instance if a lot of your good days involve sport then perhaps you look to do more physical activity. But obviously this is hard to assess if sport is something that you constantly do. So for me, it could still be a ‘meh’ day for instance.

There are also ten achievements available to motivate you to keep filling it out. You can set your phone to remind you and if you’re still busy the apps allows you to add entries days later. This is helpful as you may forget or run out of time to do so. Overall it is a very helpful app and it is free. It counts your activities and adds up all your different feelings from different days. This can be great for reassurance and also help you in the right direction to get better

11 thoughts on “Daylio – an application to benefit mental health through mood tracking.”

  1. I am currently using an app named Calm. The app has sleep stories, various sounds to calm your mind. Also they have mood tracking and anxiety relief exercises too. I am mostly using it for calming down my blood pressure. I can’t say it 100% works but helps me with sleep issues.


    1. That is great that you have something that works for you personally. I know that for a lot of people this app would work quite well. What seems great about it is that it tackles many more angles than just general mood tracking.


  2. I’ve never personally heard of this app, but it does sound interesting. I searched for it on Google and it is available for iOS, so I’ll definitely download this app sometime today and give it a shot. I have used the Calm app before, which is what the individual mentioned above. It was nice, but I wasn’t interested in paying for some type of subscription service.


  3. I never knew about this app and i’m going to give it a try.

    Mental health is so important in the modern day with so many social and working pressures.

    Great post!

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  4. I don’t use daylio myself- it just wasn’t a good fit for me. I find physically writing things down a little easier sometimes than dealing with apps on my phone- I have a lot of self care apps, but I don’t use a lot of them. I might try Daylio again, but until then, I have a mood tracker where I can color the box for the date I’m on, and I have a page to note any anxiety, depression, and signs of them. I have a third page where I can track things that have been weighing on my mind, and things cheering me up. I fill each of these out daily in my planner… But it might be good to have an app at the same time, just in case.


    1. It is good to have everything in one place I feel but I don’t know as I haven’t used Daylio in a while now. Perhaps it is because I am generally feeling better. Now I like to write in a diary with what I have done that day, to focus on positives mainly.

      Which one do you find most useful for you? As I think that is most important.


  5. I really like that concept. Even better to me would be something that makes it easy to track mood changes hour by hour, along with detailed info on various factors. I imagine something like this also could have some sports betting application in terms of keeping track of how mood impacts wagering outcomes and such.


  6. Its fantastic. Daylio is a lovely application because its non intrusive and it help us to track our mood in the best way possible. I used it a few years back to keep my mood in track. Before I found this application, what I did was to keep two large glass jars in my room and I would put a small stone in the happy jar if I felt happy and one in the sad jar if I felt sad. End of the month, I would weight it xD

    But as I grew up, I came across this website called 7cupsoftea. It helps us to connect someone who can listen to our problems and help us all the way. The greatest poverty we have now is the lack of compassionate hearts and this website helps us to find one.

    I am not very active now, but things have settled down for me.

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    1. I love your idea about the jars. There is also so much room to customize it by having different coloured stones or colouring the jars!

      That is an interesting concept. Is it qualified people or just people who want to help? I have not heard of it before but it sounds interesting, if you wouldn’t mind telling me more about it?


  7. I actually downloaded the app and I have to say I love it. It’s become a part of my daily routine now. Top marks for bringing this to my attention dude. Thank you!

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