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Malmö so far.

So… It’s been a while. I am now studying in Sweden (Malmö to be specific) and it has been an interesting experience so far. It has not come without its challenges but I am trying to embrace them. It has been almost a month so far and I am yet to freeze to death. Weirdly enough it was not until two or so weeks in that I really felt the cold… Malmo is extremely windy and grey like all the time… So not too dissimilar to the UK really.. The cold is worth it though to be out and to appreciate the architecture and bask in the nature Sweden has to offer.

The turning torso

There is a significant emphasis on outdoor life/activities or ‘friluftsliv’ as its roughly known here. The large selection of accessible parks offers great scenery in a peaceful environment – a lovely escape so close to the city. My favourite so far is Kungsparken, which is actually the oldest park in Malmo and was formed on the area previously belonging to Malmohus castle. The park is spacious and is occupied with lakes and the park itself is really well maintained, which makes for a fabulous time in the sunshine. There are also tons of birds, ducks and swans which makes for some interesting sounds! But it is great for zoning out and listening to the nature, to truly indulge in it.

It is often grey and ‘miserable’ so despite the cold weather, it is important to appreciate the blue sky and sun when it does come. I think everyone else has a similar mentality, with many people located in the parks even if it’s only 4 or 5 degrees celsius. Children are often outside and playing in parks and people are cycling… There is a very relaxed environment in Malmo and I for one am really enjoying it so far.

A bit close to the water on Ribersborg beach… Thank gosh I can swim.

My studies and settling in have kept me busy and the weather has kept me inside, so apart from one school visit I am yet to venture outside of Malmo (and get one of those yellow, regional buses!). I cannot wait to get around when its a little warmer but for now, I am really enjoying my course. I am studying near enough the same thing as I would back home, but from a Swedish perspective.. hence the Swedish school experiences I am gaining. It has been fantastic seeing different PE lessons take place and see how my favourite subject is taught in another country. Here there is a significant emphasis on health over competition which I think is fascinating.

Sports hall of a school I visited.

I will to keep this updated better… I have so much more to say!


14 thoughts on “Malmö so far.”

  1. I always wanted to visit Sweden. But the thing is that it never came out for me in any way during the college and university time. I’ll see if my company in near future gives me chance to visit the place. I wonder if you have plan to take citizenship there?


    1. I am sad that you never got this opportunity… From conversations with other people, it seems that this is not always an opportunity for some people even thought international students come from all over the world.

      I have not thought about going further just yet, for now I am living in and enjoying the experience!


  2. You didn’t provide a ton of pictures, but that part of Sweden looks beautiful. I live in the United States and I’ve never even been to Europe, but this definitely looks like a fantastic place to visit someday. How did you end up studying there, and how long are you going to be there?


    1. Thank you for the feedback! I generally aim for one per paragraph but I will have to try and share more! I have plenty of photos to share anyway. 🙂

      I think there are a lot of interesting places, I hope you can get to Europe and check them out at some point.

      The coronavirus is making things difficult right now but I have a few months left here! 🙂


  3. I love the landscape. The lake view is just fascinating. Keep us posted mate. Am really following closely.

    Please also post more photos of the school. Looks like a very lovely place.


  4. Looks awesome. I was lucky enough to travel some of Sweden with work and it’s definitely one of my favourite places in Europe. Cherish these moments Dom!


  5. I’ve thought about moving to Alaska – which is easy for me, since I’m an American. Anyway, I’m assuming many things are similar to Sweden, except that Alaska has mountains. Well, Norway has mountains.

    Anyhow, I figure Alaska is way tougher than Sweden – cause I think most of it is practically a wilderness still. In other words, “living off the grid” and other survival skills are needed.

    O.K., who has considered moving to a wilderness? What are some pros and cons? Well, a pro is fresh air and nature, of course. The cons are simply the fact many might not have prepared correctly.


    1. What reasons do you have for wanting to move to Alaska? Have you weighed up the pros and cons? Maybe the wilderness aspect will be refreshing, as it can be quieter and more relaxing.


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