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My week of skiing in Tänndalen, Sweden.

Welcome to another one of my Swedish adventures! This time I went to Tanndalen with the university to do skiing and winter education. I was absolutely terrified as I have never skiied on snow before. Being an English man we don’t have such environmental conditions which meant I’ve only been on one tiny plastic slope before. Because of this I only had the simple aims of trying my best and to come back in one piece. What followed was a week of many different challenges that I was determined to tackle.

The first challenge was sleeping on a coach that was 16 hours long… But the moment we stepped out into the winter wonderland I knew it was worth it. The area and its scenery was beautiful and for the most part, we were graced with incredible weather.

I felt that here was a well thought out structure to the trip, that the weather even complimented at times. I was really grateful that we started with the cross country and tour skiing, whilst my energy levels were still high. Then there was a slightly shorter tour as part of winter friluftsliv (being out and in the nature) through the woods, where we ended up having lunch in front of a superb snowy background. Then when my energy levels had truly depleted I could fall back on the ski lifts associated with alpine skiing!

View from our windbags and lunch during the shorter friluftsliv tour

My challenges often came when I was tired or struggling with an activity. This was quite often sadly, considering I was a beginner at most things. What I will be eternally grateful though is the support I had from local students and fellow internationals. Naturally being quite an independent person I am quite determined to get by by myself and was nervous to seek help. I was pleasantly surprised though and learnt that it’s okay and in fact much healthier to do. Despite my own mental strength that pushed through such a detailed programme, the constant guidance and motivation was invaluable.

Just a few of the excellent and supportive students that contributed to the amazing full (approximately) 9 km ski tour!

Because of this I was able to have many enjoyable moments! A personal favourite was the tour ski that involved a little downhill practice, skiing over a lake and visiting Fjållnas (Sweden’s oldest high mountain hotel). Also on the last night (since coronavirus ended the trip one day early) I made the most out of the evening skiing. This was an experience I may not have for a while so I certainly had to enjoy it…

Evening skiing 7 to 9 pm

I think the guy working the ski lift must have been sick of me going up 15 to 20 times in 2 hours.. But the freedom of skiing on your own after a week of progression is excellent. Before the trip I was stressing how I would cope with so many different things. Now because of all these excellent memories with great people, I hope I am able to ski again more confidently one day.

Ski scooters taking us to our slopes for alpine skiing!

11 thoughts on “My week of skiing in Tänndalen, Sweden.”

  1. Tänndalen looks amazing here!

    This has always been something i have been interested in doing myself, as i also have been learning skiing on plastic slopes!

    The bravery to just go for it, in such a beautiful location, gives me the courage to have a crack!

    Looking forward to keeping up to date with your skiing progress 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That was definitely my motivation too.. The amazing scenary and beautiful landscape just made for an amazing experience. It is very different on snow but makes for a softer fall sometimes I feel!


  2. Everyday I envy you pal. Please invite me over there after the corona pandemic. J wouldnt mind trying that. The landscape looks amazing. Am not sure I would handle the cold well in the first few weeks.

    You really are having an amazing time in Sweden. Do you buy the Skiing gears or do you hire them?


    1. This was my first time skiing on snow so I was absolutely terrified. I do not like the cold either but if you have the right equipment and clothing you can get by. Also having good weather helps too.

      We rented all of the skiing gear!


  3. I wish I could go to Sweden. It looks like a very beautiful and fun place to visit. At least you got your vacation in before all the issues started.


    1. It is very beautiful, especially further up the country with the snow! I just wish the situation was better as I would love to be travelling domestically right now and maybe even internationally.


  4. Okay, I hope I could head to Sweden one day. It appears like a rather lovely and fun place to visit. Skiing must make your adrenaline levels rise and I could just imagine the stunning views. At least you managed to go on your holiday to Sweden before covid-19 and travel related restrictions were put into place. Glad you enjoyed your trip, I will give this a try sometime.


    1. I was absolutely terrified to Ski but it was one of the most fantastic things I have done in Sweden. It is terrifying being up high and going at great speeds, but it is really a thrill that you can’t get with many other activities. You get the thrill but also the amazing views. I highly recommend it and it is nice to do in Sweden also, there are plenty of places to go and do it!


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