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Guilty pleasures

One phenomenon I have never been able to identify with is the concept of ‘guilty pleasures’. Are societal norms that overpowering that we feel guilty for our own likes and interests? What is so bad or shameful about being different, and having different views?

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Dave Grohl

Whatever it might be, for example art, music, sport or television, it is all subjective. What one person enjoys can vary between different individuals and in similar vain with what we dislike. You might really like hockey or country music which are two things I am not overly fond of. But am I right in belittling your taste? Absolutely not. It is perfectly fine to appreciate those with different tastes.

But to feel belittled is exactly what can happen from a clash of two tastes. I firmly believe people become so afraid or insecure over their interests, that they end up categorising their love of ‘Taylor Swift’ or ‘reality tv shows’ as silly or ‘guilty pleasures’ if you will. This is generally to prevent people making fun of them for any potential unconventional interests, that society has taught them to mask out of fear of embarrassment.

When it comes to ‘guilty pleasures’ I for one hate to get bogged down in what social norms have been pre-determined for us, especially when it comes to gender. From my time in mainstream clubbing the concept of ‘a cheese room’ generally attracts female attention to hear these ‘guilty pleasures’. But I am generally the one dragging my friends into these rooms to hear some Westlife or Peter Andre. If there is something that you like then you must appreciate it for all its glory, rather than hide it from fear of judgement. So crank up some Nickelback and savour it!!

Please comment your favourite ‘guilty pleasures’ or even better… what you’re not afraid to love!!

11 thoughts on “Guilty pleasures”

  1. It’s funny that you mentioned Nickelback, as I’d probably describe that as a guilty pleasure of mine. I’ve also enjoyed listening to their music, but they’ve always had a bad rap for some reason. In college, you would be trolled like no other for playing a Nickelback song in your dorm room. Another example of a guilty pleasure of mine would be ice cream. I feel guilty when I eat it, but it’s impossible to resist.


  2. Westlife, my all time favourite. And yes, playing westlife even in the office makes people look at me like I have a crisis going on in my relationship.

    Something else that is disturbing me, though am not sure whether it falls under the category of guilty pleasures, is my love for color pink. My wife and daughter love pink. But not on me! I have two pink shirts, that are usually hidden. I only wear them when my wife is mot there. I somehow love the color pink anyway! 😊


    1. You can never go wrong with Westlife in my opinion!
      That is an interesting spin on guilty pleasures actually. I would say it is one. Pink shirts are very popular amongst men actually which is good. You should feel good whilst wearing them without the fear of gender stereotypes!


  3. I would put J-pop (Japanese pop) at the top of my list. It’s certainly an uncommon taste for Westerners, especially people my age. I just enjoy the upbeat melodies and vocals.


  4. I’ve personally always believed ‘guilty pleasure’ was a strange concept. I’m not generally someone who feels guilt about liking things, even if they should embarrass me. For example, I still watch kids’ cartoons and anime, because I genuinely enjoy them and find them soothing! As for music though, my guilty pleasure… I guess nightcore remixes? A lot of people are on the fence about those- either they like it or hate it, and some worry about copyright infringement and such. However, I really like these remixes of all sorts of songs, whether it’s pop, rock, J-pop, or something else all together. I even have some raps I like, which are a guilty pleasure to me mostly because I hate 99% of hip hop and pop, so having any songs in the genre that I like makes me feel a little weird… but I’m not really embarrassed by it!


    1. I totally agree with you about it being a strange concept! You should not feel guilty for liking these things, which is great that you don’t.

      Regarding music specifically, it is great to be open-minded so that you can enjoy a song even if its from a genre that you normally wouldn’t listen to! As for television, kids cartoons never grow old I feel! They are nostalgic and remind us of a simpler time.


  5. I dont think whoever put forward this term called guilty pleasure dis have such a thing in his mind. I think the term denotes some hobby of yours which you know is generally not the right thing to do in the lens of a society.

    My biggest guilty pleasure is burgers. I find the smallest possible excuse to go get a hamburger even though I tell my patients not to have them because they are bad for health.

    I can take two day worth lecture on how horrible hamburgers are and still munch one at the end of the day. I am guilty, but it is a pleasure.


    1. So do you think society makes us guilty for having this hobby? I would hope that more people feel able to enjoy their hobbies or likes without such external pressure.


  6. Guilty pleasures are very bizarre you shouldn’t be ashamed to what you enjoy doing most, even if you feel embarrassed by it. Mine would be eating Fast Food which I do on a regular occurance, in spite of that my parents keep telling me to stop eating junk food and eat more healthier. My favourite is Taco Bell and their american-style cheesy chips that are advertised, I always purchase extra cheese too.

    Everything that is okay, aslong as it’s done within moderation.


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