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Getting your sport fix!?

It feels very strange discussing sport right now, what with its importance currently being minuscule in today’s testing times. But for a lot of people, it is significantly important as it holds the key to many different things… things that are required more than ever right now. This includes structure, community and most importantly a distraction. What would our week be without looking forward to a 3 pm Saturday football game? I guess that is the pain of what we as sports aficionados are facing right now. Whilst the social network and friendships of others may evolve and survive around sporting fixtures. So my advice is to you is to not let anyone downplay or challenge the significance of sport. Sure, there are more important things in the world right now. But, its unique way of bringing people together is undisputed and thankfully there are still some ways to enjoy a range of sports.

I will discuss some sports that are available still and how it is possible to watch them. Please do share what else you have found in regards to this, within the comment section.

Belarus FA chief defends games going ahead: 'There is no critical ...

Football – My personal favourite right now is what I like to call the new ‘BPL’ … the Belarusian Premier League. It is probably the most recognised league right now, with matches still being played with fans in attendance. I have probably watched 4 or 5 games in full right now thanks to websites such as Bet365 (you must have £5 in your account) and Hesgoal. The standard may well be the best of what is available to the world right now but is far from the heights of the Barclays Premier League. I have placed small bets on the games just to keep myself interested in some way, as it is difficult to maintain interest in the full ninety minutes – especially when you are not supporting a team. However, @bpl_english has created a short quiz that decides a Belarusian team for you to support based on the answers you give.

I got Dinamo Brest. Who did you get?

Perhaps Belarusian football is not your thing? Or you need a greater fix? Other fixtures are going on right now in Tajikistan (the only active league in Central Asia) and now Taiwan’s 2020 season has started too (behind closed doors). Also, Burundi and Nicaragua have seen football in recent times, with all these countries taking different standpoints to the rest of the world, where football cancellation has become the norm.

Other sports

The best place I use to find fixtures is Bet365 as they have a clear schedule of what fixtures there are and what you can bet on. Sadly not everything you can bet on is viewable, but it is still interesting to assess what is still being played around the world. Something I see that is popular and prevalent on there is Russian Table Tennis, and interestingly I have not tried this as I usually play a lot of table tennis. This is something I will have to give a go I think. Russian, as well as Latvian tennis players, appear to be active, but these occasions appear much rarer and less obvious than the football.

Meanwhile, e-sports a more modern concept appears to be getting a lot more attention… with opportunities to bet available on Bet365. I have no idea if was available before, I guess not… as to me, it seems strange. But whatever you have to do to keep sane and healthy am I right? I for sure am missing my cricket fix and I have found nowhere in the world where it is being played. I will have to watch an e sports version!

Let me know how you are coping with the lack of sport and what you have been watched instead!

9 thoughts on “Getting your sport fix!?”

  1. Did you ever get around to Russian table tennis? It seems like it actually has potential as something to bet on. I’ve mostly been watching and betting on esports. And what you said about sports being important, I agree. This is the type of thing that gives value to our daily lives, and not having that right now just makes everything else that much harder.


  2. I’ll have to check the Belarusian guys out, see what it’s all about.

    I’ve actually been watching classic Premier League seasons from 1996-2002ish, with the wonderful Man Utd and Arsenal rivalry. I miss those days!


    1. Could you share to link the old Premier League you are watching? That was before my time sadly but it sounds fascinating.

      I am not sure how many people will continuing watching the Belarusian league now as the Bundesliga is coming back.


  3. I’m a Chicago Bulls fan and I’ve been watching The Last Dance. Have you seen it? It’s a sports documentary about Michael Jordan and the Bulls and I’m really enjoying it because I remember some of the games they’re highlighting in their clips!


    1. That sounds like an excellent series for you as it is about the the player who played for your team? Sadly I do not know him well enough otherwise I would have been straight onto that series. I have thought about. Does it provide a good overview of explanation for a novice to US Basketball like me?


  4. I thought that I was going to miss football a lot but honestly, it hasn’t been too bad for me. I mean, I’m still glad that it’s coming back in the next few weeks but I’ve been busy with a lot of different things like games, TV shows and my new forum that I haven’t missed football as much.


  5. I’m glad that Football is returning to the TV in the next upcoming weeks. During the lockdown and because of sport not being available to watch, I’ve been catching up on demand with sport events that I missed. This has given me my “sport fix” for the time being.


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