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Back to reality and adapting to the pandemic

It has been around five weeks now since I arrived back in Malmö after my amazing skiing trip to Tänndalen. However, a lot has changed with this pandemic, which means this period of my study abroad is extra significant. It is a time where so much change happened and one I will never forget, for a vast range of reasons.

Before the trip I was very consumed with finishing my work, settling into Swedish lifestyle, making friends and the trip I was most terrified about. What I was at the time sure of was that if I could do all of this and manage well, on the other side of the skiing trip I had an amazing few spring and summer months of exploration ahead of me. This unexpectedly changed what with, most of the people I had gotten to know being forced home sadly, before I could truly get to know them. As well as the deep concern about travelling, as I am avoiding public transport (walking everywhere is very tiring since I cannot cycle).

I find myself very depressed that a time I was so excited for, and worked so hard for, changed so abruptly. What I find even more difficult is that Sweden is taking a very unique approach to handling the corona virus with no real enforced lock down, so to speak. I decided to stay here in Sweden as at the time I felt it was the safer option to do, and out of respect for others and to protect myself, I am near enough living as though there is a lockdown. I generally only go out when I need to and I am distancing myself from others.

I am fortunate enough to still be on my study abroad experience but I am also devastated that it is and won’t be how I always dreamed of it. For now I am unable to travel around Sweden as I intended to, and I am generally limited to wherever I can walk to right now. I am still enjoying the parks which Malmö has in abundance. I wish now I hadn’t spent so much time enjoying them in the winter months though and instead moved around the country more and explored more.

I’m not a person who agrees with having regrets, but even with this unplanned pandemic I am scared I will have had too many. For now I am grateful I was able to have the wonders of the skiing trip… which was once my biggest fear, could now be my greatest experience.

9 thoughts on “Back to reality and adapting to the pandemic”

  1. Some absolutely beautiful pictures there buddy. Sweden must be gorgeous from the looks of it. Don’t get down to much about the Corona Virus having kept us at home. I’m pretty sure most countries after a while should lift the law to keep citizens at their houses. You will probably get to enjoy the rest of your school years before too much longer. I can’t see this being a permanent issue, in most countries. Must be some interesting studies you’ve been doing. I’m quite intrigued with the parks. I love going to parks even where I’m at here in the United States so that really makes me happy. Good luck to all and everything you have worked so hard for. Follow your dreams because you can do anything you put your mind to. Don’t give up on your good hearted dreams. They are well worth giving a shot. Thank you for sharing this.

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    1. Thank you, I really enjoyed reading your comment. I am not here for much longer and I am sure it won’t be any better whilst I am here. Which is sad luck really. There is no lockdown here but there isn’t really much you can do if you respect the guidelines.


  2. Hi ya Dom I’ve loved all the pics and reading about your experiences. I think you did the best thing in staying in Sweden coz once this is over hopefully you will still have time to show us more highlights of what looks like a very beautiful country .

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    1. Thank you Sally! It is indeed a very beautiful country. I am disappointed I will not be able to explore it as much as I would like to, but I sure have some fantastic stories to tell you.


  3. I can’t imagine how rough it would be to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience like a study abroad opportunity spoiled to some degree by COVID. I’m really sorry that happened to you. But I suspect you are making the best of it, and I hope you are staying safe


  4. I can imagine you being extremely restricted in the things you can do, the people you can meet amd the places you can go. But I will tell you this. I am doctor treating COVID19 patients in my country and you can only imagine the nightmare we have to go through every second of our day.

    It is also amazing to know that you are trying to catch up with the local culture and the people and that you are making a life for yourselves. But just our of curiosity, do you think you have a changed way of looking at the COVID restrictions now?

    On another thought, why cant you go cycling? Is that restricted too?


    1. It is amazing what the essential workers are doing and providing right now, so I thank you so much.

      I don’t think my way of looking at it has changed that much. Maybe I am a little more relaxed than I was weeks ago but I cannot be as relaxed as the Swedes! I am just doing my best to keep my distance between people but I am perhaps avoiding social situations more than the average Swede.

      I am yet to learn how to cycle! Which is devastating at this time.


  5. Pandemic and lockdown are going to change our life for both good and worse. And we have to live with it. And we have to make changes in order to get the reality to new normal. I know it won’t be easy but slowly we will adjust to the new normals.


    1. I like how you call it the ‘new normal’ as I think going back to normal is just not the idea anymore. We cannot go backwards, we can only go forwards. We need to take health and hygiene much more seriously.


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