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Social media – More hassle than its worth?

Disadvantages of Social Networking: Surprising Insights from Teens

Social media can be a very toxic place which begs the question “is it really worth it?” to me. I cannot even begin to describe the countless times that I have considered deleting all or some of my social media. I look now at my phone and see the endless lists of apps; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. I begin to wonder, is this all necessary? Would my health be significantly better if I packed it in, and lived more outside of the internet and my phone?

I always wonder if I could make do with just one or two social media apps. But one thing that makes it hard for me to follow through with this is that I think each one serves some kind of purpose. I wonder if just Facebook would be enough for me, as I have the majority of my friends there and can share blog and social updates as well as photographs. It is important to me that I document my life, especially with my study abroad experiences. But is there a better way I can do this whilst protecting my mental health?

I firmly believe I am a lot more stable now and have much better friendships, which makes me worry less about being on social media. That being said, the negative elements of social media cannot simply vanish, not for me or others so easily. The constant jealousy or insecurities as people compare themselves to one another. It can be exhausting and depressing. What I find particularly awful is how ‘normal’ it is to just scroll through social media out of boredom… Because I wonder if this can lead to isolation and depression if people are reading bad things online, or seeing others have fun. It goes both ways and can affect a persons mood significantly.

At what point do we need to switch off for a while? What benefits do you think exist for living offline or reducing ones time on, or online presence?

12 thoughts on “Social media – More hassle than its worth?”

  1. Love your Social Media one! Too many people focus on the quantity of ‘friends’ too much. They miss out on connections with local people. So focused on looking down at their phone. I’m fortunate to live rural so I can get outside in nature. Goes with your other one of Picking your friends carefully. Called Self-Care.
    The Don’t dwell on the past… Reminds me of one of Buddha’s quotes.


    1. I definitely agree people worry far too much about having friends. For me its about being comfortable in your own company but not shutting yourself off from other people. It is nice to have a few close friends that you can trust and engage with.


  2. This article really got me thinking, I appreciate you taking the time to write this blog post. Taking a long interval from social media and even the online world can provide you with a better nights sleep and reduced health problems like headaches, RSI or back pain. Social media doesn’t truly connect us with others and the only way to build a true connection is to do so offline.


    1. “the only way to build a true connection is to do so offline”
      Disagree. There are many advantages to building connections online:

      1) Access to more than just your local area
      2) Easy communication with friends and family in different countries
      3) Exposure to cultures different from our own
      4) Photo sharing, video calling

      I have made many connections online which I value just as much as my offline relationships. This is the issue with many opinions of social media. They don’t consider the connectivity benefits of a real-time system which transcends boundaries and borders.


  3. Sometimes I think the world would be a better place without social media. Sadly, people have been killed over what they have placed on social media. Bullying is rife and doxxing seems to be increasing in severity lately with all the problems in the world. Many people have lost their jobs because of it.

    Personally I only use social media to keep up with family and friends and follow my favourite charities. I would get rid of it if it wasn’t for them.


    1. It is awful how serious things can get on social media, especially in terms of bullying. People seem to use it as an easy platform to project their hate. It is so awful that it causes people to take their own lives sometimes.


  4. Social media was once teeming with interesting topics, good quotes and thought provoking images and videos. Now its a mix of garbage coming from every corner of the internet.

    I started purging my social media accounts 3 years back. I used to have Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google plus and another social media exclusively for webmasters.

    Now, I have no active applications and just one social media handle. Its by far, the best decesion of my life.


  5. Social media is incredibly useful but has the potential to take over true/real connections due to how easy it is. I found I was spending far too much time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so at the end of 2019 I decided to take a year long break. It’s now almost August and I’ve successfully avoided social media platforms.

    It’s been brilliant! I didn’t realise just how invested I was in SM. Especially Facebook. Endless scrolling and getting angry at the stupidity on display. I feel like I have removed a toxic influence from my life by stepping away.

    In 2021 I shall return. I have missed instagram more than anything else. I love sharing photos. But the rest; I can take it or leave it.


    1. ‘Endless scrolling and getting angry at the stupidity on display’ I can definitely feel and relate to that.

      Instagram is fantastic, especially for sharing photos.


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