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What would you say to a younger version of yourself?

“Get off the mother flipping Xbox”. That is the first thing I can think of. In my younger years, I was very different from how I am now. I would game for many hours a day, now I haven’t played a console of my own for several years. It is is easy to have unhealthy obsessions like this in our young and potentially more naive years. That is okay for me as long as you are able to acknowledge it now and obtain healthier behaviours.

Maybe I am alone in this thought but I do not think that there is much that I would want to say if I could speak to my younger self. I try to look ahead to the future more than reflecting on the past. It would be far too easy for me to change a lot of things that went wrong. But I think things have to fall apart sometimes to make way for better things and to help you to learn and grow for sure. That being said, maybe one piece of advice I would have loved to hear is to work on my self-esteem so I can surround myself with better people.

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I am a lot healthier mentally wise now than I have been in the past. I put that down to the self-growth, determination and fight that comes from not wanting to ‘relapse’ or return to a previous state of unhealthiness. When you have hit ‘rock bottom’ for whatever reason it may be, then you sure as heck do not want to go back. This is like being aware of your past and mistakes, but not allowing yourself to think about too much as it is gone and you cannot change it. I feel that it is important to recognise the past somewhat though, so I can realise how far I have come and to continue such progress.

I think my younger self would want to know what he is capable of as what I have achieved so far in my life. Our life is forever changing and it is important to move forward and not stagnate. He would want to know to hold out for meaningful friendships and to enjoy his time outside more.

Please share with me your feelings and what you would say to your younger self.

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8 thoughts on “What would you say to a younger version of yourself?”

  1. Your posts resonate with me. I like that you put the words Self-Care in there. I use that myself. People think it’s selfish but it’s not.
    What I would tell my younger self- To not take life so seriously. To just breathe.
    I try to look to the present & not the past. Tho I have to say, as much as I had a hard past, I wouldn’t change it. What we go thru shapes us into who we are.


  2. Starting revising just a little bit earlier. I’m not too bad at exams but I feel like I always start a bit too late and can never do as well as I probably could.


  3. You sound like me in a way, I would game for hours and forget about what’s really important. Get too much involved that times goes fast and then your mum/dad or whoever gives me a funny look at me. I say that end of the day you learn your mistakes and take it as you go along, you wouldn’t know what’s the best at a very young age. Hell, what made people get into gaming like that.


  4. I think you remind me of my version of the graduate guy. I was similar when I graduated. Then life happened and things changed around. I made changes to my routine over the years. A lot of things I realized like saving money, not giving too much time and attention to negative people. Like this I realized how world can be changed by taking positive steps one at a time. I guess we learn as we age 🙂


    1. The best of us definitely learn as we get older. ‘Maturity’ is a difficult concept to define in my opinion, as we should always be maturing and striving for better. I know I kept proclaiming I was mature for my age and whatnot, and its good to gradually grow. But when you get to a certain point when you know you have truly grown, it is really rewarding.


  5. Mine would definitely be to do with gaming. Instead of spending so much time on that, maybe try and learn/do something else more productive if free time was there.

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