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Five of my pet peeves

Mad formal executive man yelling at camera

I have so many to name, I can already a sense a part two coming. 😛 But for now, let us get started on five of my pet peeves (in no particular order). You know, the things that you absolutely cannot stand that other people do. The things that are testing your patience and even though you are dying to warn your friend or acquaintance about, you save them from the potential embarrassment.

1) Old fashioned views / narrow-minded people

I think that these two generally go hand in hand, so I have included them as one whole pet peeve. I like to have an open mind and surround myself with like-minded people for the good of my mental health. But it is so easy to come across narrow-minded people. It can be the older generation who are stubborn and refuse to listen to new music or it can be the younger generation refusing to try new food and culture. Narrow-minded people exist at all ages and it drives me crazy. These people will dismiss things before they have given them a fair chance. It is isn’t rock science to give things time and a fair opportunity in my opinion.

2) Obstructed sight

This is perhaps a particularly unique one that I do not hear people discussing often and I wonder how many people it does annoy. I am generally referring to when I am a football match and I have to watch it through the netting, or a fence, or if there are poles in the stand that spoil my view. I cannot relax that well in these situations as I find it so obstructive and distracting. Another time I noticed this quite recently was when I was at the beach and I wanted to look out and appreciate the wide strand without distractions.

3) Selfish/Inconsiderate people

This one is pretty clear and obvious. It must affect a lot of people. Those that play music too loud or smoke in bus shelters are just some things that selfish and inconsiderate people do. I think most of the time people are just too selfish to think about if the shoe was on the other foot… They need to think about how it would feel if they had to put up with their annoying behaviour.

4) Incorrect mask-wearing

This one is especially relevant right now and it goes out to those wearing a mask around their neck, or not covering their nose. Or even worse, not wearing one at all. If they are exempt then this is okay but I feel that too many people are abusing these rules. I mean I have autism and I am asthmatic, so I could have reasons not to wear one. Yes, it is uncomfortable and not ideal but if its something that can save me or others then it has to be done. Don’t be difficult… If you can then wear your mask and wear it right!

5) People who watch videos in public spaces without headphones

Woman Placing Her Finger Between Her Lips

Oh gosh, I cannot believe that I did not think of this one sooner. First of all, it is selfish and inconsiderate to everyone around you. Second of all, headphones are portable and cheap so there is no excuse. Nobody wants to hear your tinny music or annoying mobile phone sounds. What I loved about Sweden was they had a properly designated quiet zone that people took seriously. I think Swedes are perhaps more reserved than other people but they are not afraid to speak up when someone is spoiling their quiet zone. That I can respect and it made for some peaceful journeys.

Do any of my pet peeves also bother or annoy you? What are your pet peeves? Please do share in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Five of my pet peeves”

  1. I think one which I cannot stand happened a lot in school and I feel like it will happen now in uni. It’s to do with exams. Two things: 1) The people that come and badger you about how the exam went and all that and 2) The people that come out saying it was difficult and then go onto getting the top marks. I find both these type of people irritating and try to avoid them at all costs.

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    1. Number five is absolutely irritating! It’s as if some people have never heard of headphones. Another related peeve of mine is when people play music so loud you can still hear it despite having headphones in – And I’ve always thought, it must not be doing any favours for their ears.

      Number 4 is very topical and annoying too: If you aren’t wearing it properly, why bother at all!


  2. Good article, I enjoyed reading this one. The one which annoys me the most is incorrect mask-wearing. I’ve seen videos of people cutting holes so there mouth isn’t covered. Or, wearing the covering under the nose.
    I don’t mind those who make innocent mistakes but otherwise, it’s just selfishness.

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  3. Points 1, 3, and 4 are extremely annoying. I don’t understand how people can’t figure out how to wear their mask properly as well. It’s not difficult people! Just make sure your nose is covered!


  4. I will list mine

    1. People making loud conversations in public place
    2. Not being able to admit to mistakes
    3. Disrespecting arts, culture, traditions and customs. You can, maybe not follow them, but you dont have to discredit them.
    4. Religious talks to those who are not interested in them.


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