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Life is moving on quick…

Too quick. Now in my third year of university and back in England, the life I once created for myself earlier this year seems like a distant memory. As much as I hold onto the memories, I am excited for the future. But for now, adjusting to (what feels like a whole new life… ‘back to reality’ and all that) life again is pretty dismal if I must say so.

Its strange though, I am not sure if the final year of my studies is the busiest, but it certainly is the most difficult. For a bunch of reasons too. It is not just the big step up in work, but it is the energy that I am severely lacking to finish something I was so excited about a few years ago. It seems that everyone talks about how university will be the best years of your life (and damn, my semester abroad may well be) but they rarely if ever talk about the detail of the stress and anxiety it causes.

I’m not just talking about the little stress over leaving your work to the last minute, or anxiety about a singular grade. I’m talking the kind that slowly eats away at you until you have nothing left. Somehow though I am still fighting, but fit and fight… I am not so sure? I am ‘COPING’, I guess. I am like that hamster who keeps running around his stupid cage, or that boxer who keeps getting up after each knockout. I do not seem to know when to quit.

University is probably not the best thing for me now and I honestly cannot tell you how excited I am to finish right now. It is ironic really, as I think it has been a journey that I needed, but now I really could do without. The day I finally graduate will be a milestone, for a range of reasons. But mostly for the mental strength that has got me this far.

Stay strong and stay positive 🙂

8 thoughts on “Life is moving on quick…”

  1. What we needed at one time, we may not need later on. It’s a great journey to be on to learn & grow along the way. If your University has a forum, newspaper, why not try to post this article in there as well? I’m sure there are others who were gung-ho at the beginning only to have the reality set in.

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  2. Hold on there, you will reach that graduation. It has certainly been a challenging few months, but things will gradually and hopefully get better soon. One thing this situation has taught me is the strength of us as people, and as wider society, and how cohesion and unity as a wider community can bring us together and help one-another.

    Stay positive 🙂

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  3. I am now in my 2nd year of university and it honestly feels so different. The difficult has definitely gone up even with me doing fewer modules because I have moved on to part-time university. It is slowly getting less difficult though as I get used to my new timetable. So hopefully, you will be able to handle it better soon as well. It just takes a bit of time to get used to it


  4. I completely agree to this.

    University can be really tough, especially when you go concomitant issues. Infact, university life being rough has a multiplying effect on your life.

    However, like I always remind myself – even this will pass away.


  5. I completely agree with everything you’ve said in the Article! Unfortunately, life does pass us by in a flash. That’s why the most important rule is that we enjoy and cherish every minute we are alive on this planet.


  6. This year was pretty much harsh on us. And I learned that it was something out of control for all of us. And a lot of changes are happening too quickly. And you don’t even have means to react on those things lately. Life is indeed going too fast to handle. 😦


  7. I do understand where you are coming from with life going very fast. It has been quite a negative time of our lives as well but, as you said we just have to stay positive and optimistic 🙂


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