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5 Tips to stop procrastinating at uni

Bored formal man watching laptop at desk

University for many is a constant struggle between finding the balance of having fun and motivating yourself to study. If we are constantly studying, we are never having fun. But if we are never studying, we are not having any fun either when it comes to our grades. Here I share with you some tips I use to try and help me survive a little better.

To not procrastinate, you may have to procrastinate a little! 

This may sound a little strange off the bat but I cannot even begin to describe the importance of it. What I mean here is do not work yourself too hard and allow yourself to have a healthy amount of breaks that do not interfere with your productivity. I am guilty of trying to work through the stress and I can assure you that the quality is not merely as good as it would be if I took some time off. I feel that if you try to work through stress like this it is demotivating and make me less likely to study or get anything meaningful done.

Switch off from the world!

Switch off from as much social media applications and stuff that can wait until you’re done studying. The constant desire to check your phone is incredibly distracting. Ever since I muted notifications for quite a few of my apps, I noticed that I started to check my phone less. There’s no distractions or noises which means you can fully focus and try to get into the zone for your studies!

Organising and to-do lists!


This one is incredibly important to me. You can use a diary or whatever works for you, but just write down the things you want to achieve in a day and work through it as a checklist. Make it realistic and achievable so you do not get too disappointed if you do not achieve everything. Be kind to yourself but also have some kind of goal or achievement that you are working towards. Do not forget to have breaks too and allow for recovery days which may not be so productive for your studies, but productive and kind for your soul.

Intense periods without distractions.

I think we have all been a stage where we are struggling to work whether it is because we are demotivated or struggling to find the information we want to include in our work. We end up checking Facebook every twenty minutes or so and we do not seem to get anywhere with our work. If it has got to this stage then maybe you would benefit from an intense period such as an hour, where you try to do as much quality work as you can. Or at least stay off social media. I like to give myself breaks when I can so this does not always work for me, but I appreciate that everyone works differently. Find the best study skills that work for you and that are healthy!

Set up your work station!

Laptop on Table Beside Mug

You are going to want to take breaks of course regularly, to go the toilet and stretch so make sure you are not in your seat for too long. Do not let your eyes stare at the computer too! But what is beneficial is to have your work set up to a state of comfort that helps you study, but does not hinder your performance. I like to have a full water bottle nearby with a snack just to help me power through. You can also have all your pens and paper nearby so you have no excuses not to be studying!

I hope you find these tips useful and enjoyed reading this entry. Please use the comment section to share some of your own tips!

5 thoughts on “5 Tips to stop procrastinating at uni”

  1. I think of this as Self-Care. When we rest, our bodies & minds get recharged & we are able to handle things a lot better. I unplug often from technology.
    I’ve actually set timers to make sure I take a break. Too often we are online & look at that ‘one more thing’ & it’s hours later!


  2. Love these tips, the workstation one is of particular pertinence to me. I’ve always been very particular about my workspace and am always looking for ways to improve my setup.

    Some of the other tips and on the topic of self-care particularly I need to work harder on!


  3. A workstation is very important. It helps you avoid any other distractions you may have around you and I think it makes it easier to work harder as well when you have a little section dedicated to uni.

    I also find that if I’m thinking about games, just playing a bit helps me to then focus on uni work better afterwards.


  4. I love the tips & advice you shared; it’s beneficial. Becoming distracted, even to “quickly” check Facebook, is really easy & annoying at the same time.
    A clean workstation helps clear my mind, and this tip is my personal favorite out of them all. Great article; I’m looking forward to reading the next.


  5. I think having some sort of the side project also helps when you want to stay fresh. This way you can find out you are not getting bored during the uni studies and also have something to look upto after the studies.


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