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5 Songs that have addressed mental health (part 2)

Around a year ago I wrote about 5 songs that I like that have addressed mental health ( and because of the good feedback around it, I have decided to follow up with a part 2.

Real Friends – From The Outside

‘From the outside’ is a single from the Illinois outfit Real Friend’s third studio album. This is the second RF song to feature in this series of articles, after ‘Short song’ in part one. RF are excellent band that makes me feel so many emotions, particiularly in their earlier raw material, but also with their more refined sound. It is a shame that ‘From the outside’ is one of the last few songs with original vocalist Dan Lambton. I believe this song may be involved with Dan’s struggles with bipolar disorder. It shows that how easy is it to hide and mask our feelings from one another, and that we may not be as fine as we portray ourselves to be. ‘I’ll fill my glass to take the edge off. The choice is mine’ in the pre-chorus shows how dangerous it can be though to be alone with our own thoughts. I feel that the message here is to communicate when you’re feeling down and have more empathy with those feeling down, to understand that people may be feeling differently.

Neck Deep – The Beach Is For Lovers (Not Lonely Losers)

I feel so old that this album is five years old later this year. I’ve loved this band for long before this LP and this, their second album is an excellent continuation of their popular pop punk sound. The song itself to me seems like a mix of emotions… “Don’t wait until you’re just like me. To look back over history with nothing but regret.” The singer is being told not to be stuck in the past which implies he is burdened and dwelling with his past regrets. “So all my friends say “F*** forever. Live today and die together.” We don’t wanna tell the same sad story. Heard it all before and that’s f***ing boring” There is an apparent need to move beyond these regrets so that he is a healthy and proactive lifestyle with a healthy future. This is important so that we do not have any regrets about our lives before its too late.

Sudden Suspension – We’ll Always Have Each Other

I’d like to think that this Canadian band has a clear-cut message behind this 3 and a half minute piece of emotional pop punk. When we are feeling low it is easy to think it cannot get better, and sometimes we don’t want to be around others and end up isolating from people we love dearly. This is so dangerous as it can be too easy to get into such a bad habit, and harder to get out of it. There are so many relatable lyrics in this song but one of my favourites is “Just don’t forget to pretend that it gets better than this”. Whatever storm you are facing right now, generally the worst of it is over, and whilst we have the comfort of each other, the sun can shine a little brighter on us.

Linkin Park – Heavy

Chester Bennington was a great person who wrote many special songs and his legacy lives on forever. His struggles with mental health were very evident throughout Linkin Park’s long tenure as one of the most influential nu metal/alt rock bands. ‘One More Light’ their most recent album which features this song, is packed with emotional pieces that documents Chester’s strong feelings and struggles. ‘Heavy’ resembles a difficulty in overcoming the struggles that comes with anxiety and depression

Pale Waves – Noises

‘My mind makes noises’ is the debut album of Mancunian indie pop band Pale Waves. I would say that the album is fantastic and one of my favourites. It features a lot of sad and emotional lyrics but portrayed in a very upbeat way due to the catchy choruses. This song specifically targets mental health and body insecurity. ‘My mind makes noises too much I feel like I’m slowly losing myself I’m afraid that I need help’ shows what an exhausting feeling anxiety and depression can have on a person. We see problems and insecurities in ourselves that only we may see. It is exhausting and cause one to spiral out of course. We must be kinder to each other and offer reassurance. But from personal experience with self-esteem issues I feel the best way is to develop it by having healthy hobbies and coping mechanisms, whilst removing any toxic energy from your life. It really is the first step to getting better as with better self-esteem and company I make much better decisions.

I hope you have enjoyed part two to this. Please share in the comments some songs about mental health that you like or think are important. Please also let me know if you would like to see a part 3.

10 thoughts on “5 Songs that have addressed mental health (part 2)”

  1. I know it’s frightening, but it’s nothing to be afraid or scared about, having mental health problems. It’s time to change to society’s stereotypes, and time to speak out and talk to your friends and family when you’re feeling low. Well done to all of the Song Writers/Artists for creatively expressing how they feel through the art of music. I would love to see a part three.


    1. Thank you. I find it difficult to talk about these things with everyone, so it is nice when you can hear comforting songs explaining the things that you are feeling.
      Maybe a part three will come one day. Thank you for your interest.


  2. To be honest, I fell all Linkin Park songs touch on mental health. Even on the first album Hybrid Theory, you can clearly hear Chester telling you about the demons inside his head. He talked about it openly but sometime’s it is not enough. RIP dude.


    1. Yes, I think you definitely hear it in songs such as ‘One Step Closer’ and ‘Crawling’ but we just weren’t listening. What surprises me the most is the different sound of the new album yet still having such emotional lyrics. Have you listened to it?


  3. Songs help us out of the mental agony we experience. It difficult to find songs that directly address mental health concerns but I believe that every song ever written and sand has come up from the work of emotions and thoughts.

    I turn to songs when I feel down. Surprisingly, when I feel depressed or disappointed, I actually turn to depressing songs which makes me happy because I get reminded of the fact that like how the song finishes, even my depression passes.

    There is hope in music. ❤️


    1. It is indeed difficult to connect songs directly to mental health. Some might just be written with really honest and open feelings. These are the songs that I can relate most with and enjoy, as they feel a lot more authentic than whatever is churned out for popular radio.

      Wow, that is an incredible way to look at it. I have never thought that way. So when the song finishes, it is reassuring as you know the depression does not last forever?


  4. These are all really nice songs in general and I’m sure they will help others struggling with mental health too. Thank you for sharing these, man! I personally love Real Friends – From The Outside.


    1. Thank and thank you for sharing your favourite. Real Friends have a lot of amazing songs and are quite an emotional band. I would recommend that you check them out further, especially for songs like this.


  5. There are quite a few songs out there that address mental health in one way or another. Not all of them are good, but it seems (generally) the good outweigh the bad. It’s important for artists to address mental health to help normalize it. There is a lot of stigma around it so to have people who others look up to talking about it in one way or another, through song especially, is important and can do so much good. I would love to see another one of these posts. Seems like it’s a good series!


    1. Thank you! I am glad you are enjoying this series. I am interested to hear what you think are ‘bad’ songs of this type of theme.
      Normalizing it is important as I feel many people are still not used to talking about it, or even hearing about it in public.


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