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What now and what next? A quick catch up.

Hey everyone. It has been too long since my last blog entry as I have been so consumed with various things but mainly University. I now feel like it is a perfect time to give a little update on what else I’ve been up to and what is next for me this summer.

In the last few days I have finished the final assignment of my study abroad experience and consequently my second year of University. To put it bluntly, my semester abroad has not gone the way I had hoped and I have not seen anywhere near of Sweden as I would have hoped. But still, I am lucky and grateful to be here when many have gone back home months ago. Now I must make the most of the short time that I have left here and build more happy memories.

I feel incredibly relieved that summer is here, as I think I can speak for a lot of students here by saying that studying in a pandemic is incredibly hard. It is one thing adapting to online classes but another in finding the motivation to complete your assignments and studies. With so few classes and with most of them being in front of a computer, I could just not engage that well. It felt like the studying element was dragging on as there little interaction to be had online. With completion of this work it is like a great weight has been lifted on my shoulder and I can finally relax, whilst looking to spend time on things I have been neglecting recently.

Some of these things can be so simple but yet so easy to neglect when you have a lot going on, whether that is depression or if you’re incredible busy. Sometimes I am guilty of prioritizing the wrong things as I want to have good grades. But now I can finally get on with my time without stressing, at least for a little anyway. I feel very relieved.

So now I have a maximum of around two months left here in Sweden with a lot of spare time. There are hardly any restrictions here and some may like that, so they can go out and about. But for me, I am taking a much more cautious approach than most Swedes. I hope I can continue to travel to nearby places safely, as there is still a lot to do and see. I want to go to more nature reserves, parks and beaches. Sweden is a beautiful country and it is quite easy I feel to travel around. Thankfully there has been a lot to keep me busy these last few months.

For now I can just hope that the situation eases up to allow me to travel safely and that opportunities to social distance are possible. I feel that not many people respect the social distancing and that can make it terrifying to be outside – especially on public transport or small and narrow shops. I hope that the sun stays out and I can spread out in parks and nature, etc. There is a world out there to explore and there is a ticking clock in which to do it. I try not to think of regrets. For now I live in hope more than anything.

12 thoughts on “What now and what next? A quick catch up.”

  1. Well done for completing your course in exceptionally challenging circumstances. Now go and enjoy the next two months of summer because you’ve earned it. πŸ‘πŸŒΏπŸ¦‹πŸžβ›΅β˜€οΈ


  2. Congratulations on finishing up your courses for the year! It looks like you’ve already gotten to explore a number of different places. I’ve never been to Sweden, but seeing your photos makes me want to go! Maybe one day once this pandemic is over. Just remember to stay safe and be cautious, but also have fun!


    1. Thank you, that is what I am trying to do! Many people are just exploring a lot more than me, as they do not have the fear I think. I am due another exciting visit as it feels like it has been too long.

      I definitely recommend Sweden, it is a beautiful country and it is great that it is getting warmer now!


  3. Sounds great and congratulations on finishing your second year. Enjoy your time off and let’s hope that Coronavirus doesn’t affect both our returns to uni lol. Online classes were not great and honestly, I’m hoping we don’t have to do that for ages.


    1. My biggest fear is more online classes in September. I hope this is not the case or is infrequent. They are just not good for learning. Next year is my third and penultimate year. It is terrifying to go through a pandemic and this at the same time. What about you, are you in your final year next year? I hope it goes well for you.


  4. You are not missing much here. You are wise to make the most of things in Sweden, there is a chance you may never return. Played tennis yesterday with Anne, Peter and a lady called Sue. First normal activity for three months. Wonder where you will end up next Summer, hopefully somewhere without a pandemic. Football next Wednesday will be a novelty, but in my view season should have been cancelled, although Villa now might be able to survive. Hope to see you in August.


    1. It seems very difficult to be in the UK right now. I feel lucky to still be here and to have the freedom to do what I think is safe. I am glad you are playing tennis again, make sure you can do that as regularly as you can! Maybe you will have to get your own cricket match going! I think the league should have been cancelled to but I will not complain as I want to watch it now. I hope Villa use this time off well to reflect and get the points necessary to stay up. It was a good point against Sheff Utd which is a start.


  5. Congrats on finishing the second year. Looks like you are going to enjoy your summer and also considering the rest of the world is under lockdown. And you are in pretty good place. Make the most out of that holiday.


  6. Many congratulations for finish the second year of your course! I’m hoping Coronavirus doesn’t affect your return to Uni and hopefully lectures will happen in a classroom, rather than online. Make the best of your leisure time!


    1. It won’t be long before I return to university for my third year. I am quite nervous actually about attending classes in person, but I also dislike online classes. I cannot win!


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