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Five ways to be physically active regardless of your ability.

Not everyone has the time, facilities or ability to engage in copious or strenuous physical activity. With that in mind I will describe five short and simple ways that you can engage in physical activity so that you can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Possibly the simplest form of physical activity, yet the most inclusive of all ages and abilities. Even though the heart rate is lower, it is still great for improving cardiovascular and pulmonary. ‘10,000 steps’ is the magical number but do not take this too literally… It can be so stressful to maintain this that you do not do any steps at all. Do as many as you can as that is still an achievement, and will, of course, benefit you more than sitting on that couch playing call of duty.

Yoga, pilates and similar activities are great for not only engagement and relaxation of the mind but the body too. What is great about this is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home with little space. This is great for anyone but especially if you have any insecurities about exercising in public. You can find a long list of exercises and videos on google on YouTube.

Throw and catch a ball
Another one you can do from home if you do not mind damaging your walls… Throw and catch the ball against the wall or another object. Use your imagination. Great for passing time and developing your coordination and motor skills. Also, little equipment required and you can adapt it easily.

Take the stairs
Get preparing for your return to work with copious amounts of stairs, by ditching the elevator for your stairs at home. Stair climbing can be a great aerobic workout and muscle builder, whilst putting less pressure on the body than running. Also, you do not need anything to do this exercise, except to not live in a bungalow!

As long as you have a bicycle and the required protective gear then you are ready to go. Great for building muscle and improving cardiovascular fitness. Of course a great calorie builder also. But most importantly it provides fun whilst exercising (how it should be if I may add!). You control the speed, the terrain and the location. Cycle with company or alone and find a nice spot to take a breather and relax.

Exercising is incredibly important to a healthy lifestyle. Do not over complicate it as exercise can be as simple as this. Do what you can and do not worry what others are doing. Focus on your own exercise habits and developing them positively, towards a better life.

Good luck.

8 thoughts on “Five ways to be physically active regardless of your ability.”

  1. There’s always ways to modify a workout. Key is to not compare ourselves with others & to go at our own pace.


  2. I prefer to do yoga and walking. My daily routine includes 10 SOORYANAMASKAR early in the morning and I take 15 minutes of power jogging in the evening.

    I do sooryanamaskar mainly for two reasons.

    1. It helps you stretch your body nicely after you wake up from your bed.

    2. Since you need to do it at 6 AM so that you are in a position to see the sun, you wake up early and that means more fresh time.


  3. One thing that worked for me was getting one of those apps that tell you what to do every day. It starts off pretty easy and gradually gets harder. It can help you a lot and helps you create a routine as well. I remember struggling after a couple of push-ups but am so much better now.


  4. Walking is just something I do everyday. I pretty much always try and commute via walking as everything is quite close to me. I really do enjoy walking too and it’s just something I’m used to now.


  5. Walking is amazing, not just for my physical health, buy my mental well-being too. My workplace is within walking distance (30 minutes), and it’s something I do every day. The five ways you’ve mentioned are helpful; I’ll have to try them sometime. Thank you for sharing!


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