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Social distancing – Ignorance is not bliss.

Social Distancing on Wooden Table

Perhaps one of the most universally known phrases of 2020 is ‘social distancing’. We all know what it is, but how many of us can truly say we are abiding by it? Should we be doing more?

To me, it seems like this is the main thing that many countries are focusing on. People think controlling the virus is as simple as washing your hands and keeping 1-2 metres away from each other. They also must think that wearing a mask (a cloth one at that) is going to save them or act as a replacement for social distancing. People need to wake up and realise that they must do all of these things to give them the best chance at avoiding catching this deadly disease, or risk passing it on. It is such simple things we could do, but are choosing not to do.

This makes me begin to question the common sense of many people… Do they not like being told what to do? It is not difficult to see that people are obsessed with doing what is ‘normal’ or at least what everyone else is doing. For instance, I have noticed that everyone is distancing in a queue, or if one or two are not, then everyone else gives up with the distancing. When did we become such sheep? Why can we not decide for ourselves what we will do, and stick with it?

To me, there seems to be a mentality going around like ‘well if they can’t then why should I?’ and this is disastrous. I refuse to bow down to this pressure and will go above and beyond to keep myself safe. For instance… I have lost count the number of times I have changed my path whilst walking the streets. I might as well be walking in zig-zags at times. It is painfully exhausting because people may recognise social distancing, but suddenly do not think it applies when they walk past you. Many will be selfish and take up the whole path with their group or family, which is even worse on narrow paths.

I think it is safe to say that not only are people more concerned about doing what is ‘normal’ but also what is convenient for them. This goes for walking on paths and moving around in tight spaces. The list goes on though… People sitting next to strangers on buses and the strangers letting it happen is perhaps the craziest thing I have seen recently. People will happily pack onto buses just because it is convenient for them – for instance so they have their fun Saturday night at the beach. It is frustrating the lack of sacrifices people have made in this pandemic. But even more frustrating when others protest how many sacrifices they’ve made or how their summer has been ruined, when in reality I would say there are very few of us who have given up enough to handle this pandemic. This virus shows and even confirms to me how selfish many people are, and how even at the most difficult of times people fail to bond together.

6 thoughts on “Social distancing – Ignorance is not bliss.”

  1. I have noticed that people often don’t wear the masks. And also they don’t make use of the sanitizer after touching stuff in the public. So I think this could be because of the fact that they think the virus is not going to affect them. I am guessing we will find out soon enough how the actions of such people would cause rest of us in the times of pandemic.


    1. That is one of the most awful things people can do right now in my opinion. The fact that people are just doing whatever they like without the consideration of others is crazy. They must assume that it does not affect them but forget they can infect others. It is a vicious cycle of stupidity and selfishness.


  2. It really is frustrating to see people that can’t even follow basic procedures of wearing a mask in areas that now require it. I think what makes it quite bizarre is that in places like buses and shops, some just don’t even care and just let them in without wearing a mask anymore which is ridiculous. Almost as if people forgot what’s going on.


    1. I bet it is all these anti-mask protestors. The level of stupidity is incredibly baffling.

      The thing is though it is difficult for shop workers and alike to confront people like this about it, as some workers have anxiety and some shoppers may even get violent. I have heard stories about people getting confrontational over it and it is scary.


  3. I will never understand the people against social distancing and the wearing of masks. People are just too selfish and some people are just too stupid to follow some basic instructions. A people was attacked at a station over here in the UK for asking someone about not wearing a mask


    1. That is crazy. It really is simple enough to wear a mask, and if there is even a slight chance of it helping you or anyone else, then people must wear them. Sure it may be annoying but everyone should do their bit to help out in these difficult times.


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